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  • Hunter Wobble

    Hunter Wobble

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    Price: $9,995.00

    Single Wobble trap that is ideal for 1 or 2 shooters.

    • Can throw up to 40 birds in 60 seconds
    • 1 single wobble trap, 400 bird capacity with a 20 bird inclusive flurry
    • Digital wireless inching controller included

    The Hunter Wobble is the perfect simulated game trailer for 1 or 2 shooters, and its full wobble feature provides truly random bird presentations. The high power spring, which is standard on all Huntsman trailers, allows birds to be launched from behind the tree line or from valley tops. The high power radio for the Hunter Wobble and integral radio mast gives the ultimate flexibility and rugged trailer means the Hunter Wobble can be used anywhere.

    Hunter Wobble Set Up 1 Hunter Wobble Set Up 1 (1028 KB)

    Hunter Wobble Set Up 2 Hunter Wobble Set Up 2 (651 KB)

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