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Set Up

The Huntsman is one of the most versatile machines we make and can simulate game in any kind of situation. All of the ideas illustrated below can be achieved by only moving the trailer to two areas. With the wireless remote you are free to move at will to make simulations easier or tougher. One machine can easily handle 4 to 6 shooters. For larger groups, simply use two or more machines. All you need is some space and a little imagination — the fun is guaranteed!

Shooters should wear eye protection and be positioned so that no one can be directly hit by a clay or be near the machine.

A. Start with the Huntsman at location A and move shooters to positions 1 through 4.
  1. Flushing Quail. With the Huntsman hidden in long grass or brush, approach from behind (position 1). Set the traps at random mid to high elevations and wind the springs mid to high. Release one or two birds on the approach and then immediately launch multiple flurries of 2 or 3 birds. You can get 20 random birds in the air within 10 seconds.
  2. Crossing Pair. Move to position 2 and shoot crossers. Because these are tough shots, throw 1 or 2 birds at a time. If you have midi clays loaded, leave them for more expert shooters. Setting one of the traps to throw at a slower speed will enable everyone an opportunity of hitting a bird. 
  3. Pigeons. Standing at position 3, the birds will only appear between the tree cover, crossing in the clearing for a few seconds. Set the traps at variable heights and spring speeds to obtain random flight patterns. This tough presentation will really test your shooting skills.
  4. Grouse. Find, or dig, a hollow or trench to simulate a Scottish Grouse Butt. Set the elevation on all traps to low and wind the springs to maximum. You will have Grouse screaming towards you at 15 or 20 feet above your head. 

B. Set the Huntsman to location B on the top of some high ground and move shooters to positions 5 through 8. 

  1. Breaking Pigeon. Stand below the Huntsman at position 5, ideally behind some tree cover so you cannot see the machine or birds. Set the traps to a high elevation with a strong spring. Shoot the birds as they pass overhead or move away from you. Vary releasing 3, 2, or single birds.
  2. High Pheasant Crossing. When shooting from position 6 you will get high birds accelerating overhead, unseen until they clear the trees. This is one of the toughest presentations to master. 
  3. Driven High Pheasant. From position 7 the birds will appear above the tree line and come towards you at a great height - a classic English presentation.
  4. Ducks. From position 8 you can shoot pairs of high and falling duck which can land just in front of your position. You will see them from a long distance and must perfectly judge the point at which to break the target. Turn off the trap oscillation to get a fixed pair.

"For training Game Shooters, novice or expert, the Huntsman gives you a perfectly controlled environment’"

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